Green Mean Fat Bomb Machine-KetoU2018 fatbomb

Author: Chef (HCP)

 g Avocado, California or Mexico (Hass)
 g Oil emulsion - Liquigen (MCT) - Nutricia
 g Lemon juice - fresh
 g Cream, 36%
 g Butter
 g Bacon - Side pork, not cured or sweetened - fried


  1. Weigh ingredients
  2. Melt butter
  3. Add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth.
  4. Add garlic, onion powder and salt and pepper to taste.

Nutrition Information (for entire recipe):

Carbohydrate: 9.85
Calories: 1414
Fat: 143.92
Protein: 19.54
Ratio: 4.9:1


Liquigen4:1 ratioSavoryLunchDinnerSnack  

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